• Nkumba University - ELearning

    The Nkumba University E-learning Environment (NUELE) is an online distance e-Learning platform was designed to enhance your (student) learning experience by bringing your course material closer to you. You will find a range of teaching techniques, including informative videos, diagrams, info-graphics, and quizzes that engage you. All of the above have been designed to be incredibly user-friendly, and to make it easy for you to track your learning


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    How to get an Elearning Account

    • Visit this platform
    • Click on the New Account Link
    • Fill the form with the correct student information
    • Note. Password should be strong e.g. Nkumba@3294
    • Use the University Email on the form
    • Preferable you use student number as username
    • You will receive a confirmation email upon successful  Account creation

    How to Enrol for Courses

    • Login to your Account on NUELE
    • Click on the search button
    • Type the course code or course name of interest
    • Click the course among the search results that appear
    • Click on Enrol Now
    • Click Enrol Me